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Candlestick Press Instead of a Card, 10 Poems about Bees comes with Envelope and Bookmark

Bees work hard, and there is something in their diligence that touches us. Most of us see only a fraction of their absorbing routines but their ‘bee-lines’ through our parks and gardens are more than enough to suggest their dedication:

“…they make a life for themselves that knows
no let-up through hours of exploration and return,
their thighs golden with pollen…”

from ‘Back they sputter’ by Eamon Grennan

Here are poems about getting stung and about a bee-keeping Divinity master in a boarding school whose hives are far more appealing than PE lessons. This heady mix of poems is sure to please anyone who delights in bees, flowers and gardens – or indeed the golden taste of honey!

The selection is introduced by environmentalist and broadcaster Brigit Strawbridge Howard.

Poems by Ciaran BerryDavid BriggsMiriam DarlingtonHeid E. ErdrichEamon GrennanSelima HillCarola LutherPaula MeehanPascale Petit and Jean Toomer.

Cover illustration by Abby Cook.

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