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Kitchen Craft Set of 6 Silicone Lids

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Reduce the amount of food you throw away with this pack of six
stretchable silicone lids. Use them to cover leftovers and opened /
cut food, keeping it fresher for longer. 
Creates a leak proof airtight seal over bowls, cups, fruit and jars.
Sizes include: Smallest - Largest: 7cm x 5cm, 9.5cm x 2.6cm,
11cm x 2.7cm, 14cm x 2.8cm, 16cm x 2.9cm and 20.5cm x 5.3cm.
Stretchable to cover a variety of containers
BPA Free
Food Safe
Dishwasher Safe & Microwave Safe
Leak Proof
The Perfect Grip Tool to Open Jars with ease
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