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Pomegranate Publishing, Colouring Book, Jill Mayberg, Animal Friends, 48 Pages, Size 21.5 x 28cm

One look at the artworks in this coloring book will tell you that artist Jill Mayberg loves animals. She is also a huge fan of color and pattern, particularly stripes, polka dots, and hearts. She brings a sense of fun and play into her work, creating happy scenes with her animal friends.

The artist usually begins with a photograph, then layers drawing, painting, and cut-out images into the final work. She admires children’s art and tries to capture a sense of spontaneity in her own work. She paints dogs (and sometimes birds and elephants and others) wearing crowns because she thinks they’re royalty and loves to spoil them.

Mayberg’s childhood home in New Jersey was filled with reproductions of classic paintings as well as original works, because her mother was passionate about art. They took many trips to New York City to visit galleries and museums, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art remains Mayberg’s favorite place on earth. She moved to the West Coast to attend art school in San Francisco and later settled in southwest Washington.



    1. Oskar (Bird Black Head), 2015


    1. Chili Kitty (Red Kitty), 2016


    1. Heart Lovebirds, 2010


    1. Bloomday (Bird Flowers), 2016


    1. Edvardo (Yellow Chicken), 2011


    1. Bella (Black Dog, Red Day), 2011


    1. Dog Birds Sun Bask, 2015


    1. Four Paws in a Paper Boat (Dog Boat Crows), 2015


    1. Buddy (Spotted Dog), 2013


    1. Dog Park, 2013


    1. Rorie (Chicken Red Belly), 2011


    1. Heart Mermaids, Red Sea, c. 2012


    1. Rudy (Dog Red Vines), 2006


    1. Wee Elephant, Big Chair, 2014


    1. Blue Dog, Red Chicken, 2011


    1. Dog, Horse Wheels, Heart Belly, 2011


    1. Yellow Dog, Seafish, Red Flower, 2013


    1. Ollie (Elephant), 2016


    1. Heart Eternal Love, 2016


    1. Pepper (Grey Horse, Black Moon, Dog Back), 2013


    1. Horse Pink Wheels Dog Party Hat, 2011


  1. Dotty Robin Red Belly, 2015
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