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Bed Cradle

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Designed for those with limited mobility and functionality of the lower legs, this product is designed to support the weight of the sheets off the feet while sleeping or resting in bed.  The lower frame slides underneath the mattress, securing the cradle to the bed, while the upper frame is positioned horizontally over the lower limbs.  Creating clearance between the sheets and mattress, the cradle keeps the sheets at the same height across the width of the bed.

Recommended for patients at risk of foot drop or pressure ulcers, this product provides optimal pressure relief and ventilation.  Keeping the sheets off the feet helps improve discomfort or pain in the heels and/or toes.  It is especially helpful to bedridden patients with paraplegia, burns, open skin sores, infections, or sensitive skin.  This tool can also improve recovery time, as there will be no friction or abrasion from the blanket that can complete recovery.

The folding cradle is ideal for easier storage and travel whereas the height adjustable cradle can be raised or lowered.  For patients confined to standard or hospital beds, the adjustable frame allows for different body types.  The folding frame measures 18" tall with a 7" x 13.5" base.

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