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Poetry Title - Instead of a Card

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Candlestick Press, Poetry title - Instead of a Card, Ten Poems About Fathers, comes with Envelope and Bookmark

This mini anthology is a wonderful introduction to the countless poems written about fathers and fatherhood. Father William is present, of course, a feisty figure who reminds us that age is entitled to have the last word.

There’s affection and humour, alongside tender remembrance. In one poem a father carries his young daughter on his shoulders after a trip to the pantomime and realises how precious such moments are:

“And I clutch you tightly for fear you blow away
For fear you grow up to soon ….

… And sensing this, I hold you tighter still.”

from ‘Cinders’ by Roger McGough

Just as important are the everyday happenings that become special with hindsight: a family meal at which a dad contends with a hot potato, or the nightly ritual of an ageing father who insists on turning off the water before he goes to bed in case a pipe bursts while he’s asleep.

Poems by Coral BrachoLewis CarrollLouise GlückTony HarrisonTariq LatifJoanne LimburgRoger McGoughShazea QuraishiMichael Rosen and Siriol Troup.


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